Once a gold rush hub and proudly hosting the longest running Art Walk in the Nation, Pioneer Square boasts a rich history dedicated to a neighborhood of dreamers. We feel so welcome among our fellow small businesses, art galleries, and like-minded neighbors. Pioneer Square is filled to the brim with brick and mortar that remind you in the best way possible what it feels like to truly connect to a city. We’ve rounded up some of our neighborhood favorites—real Seattle gems. Make a day of it; wander, get lost, and feel all of the warm feels that come with supporting small businesses. Don’t forget to come by and say hi after your neighborhood walkabout, we’d love to compare notes!

Arundel Books
“Real books for real people since 1984” Independent bookstores might just be our favorite places on the planet. And this floor-to-ceiling library is a true bibliophilic feast. Phil, the incredibly knowledgeable owner will happily talk your ear off and make it near impossible to leave without your newest literary treasure.

Civilization / Non-Breaking Space
Part design practice, part design gallery, this studio focuses creating on exhibitions and experiences that encourage positive change and celebrate design in our communities. We can’t say enough warm, fuzzy, amazing things about our favorite neighbors—they’re all around awesome and their space is gorgeous. Pop in to say hi, see some incredible design work and walk away both empowered and inspired. *conveniently located between us and Sluggers.

Cold Cube Press
These risograph lovers/print activists focus on indy and self-published, short-run books. Featuring publications ranging from zines to manifestos and art books. They believe in gorgeous, intentional printing—and we wholeheartedly agree.

Convoy Coffee
Humbly started as a fleet of homemade bicycle coffee carts in 2014, this community-dedicated coffee shop has flourished into a plant-filled gem featuring farm-to-table pastries, single origin coffees, and the sweetest hand painted signage.

An interior design studio/shop that’s brimming with natural light and hand-selected vintage wares, earthenware, plants and so many beautiful objects you’ll immediately want to take home with you.

Il Corvo
Two words—kale salad. Insider tip: get in line at either 10:30AM to snag a table or try the afternoon gamble of arriving at 2:30. Handmade pastas that are made and change daily alongside house-made focaccia and the best kale salad you’ve ever had. Adorably cozy and totally lives up to the hype.

Medzo Gelato
Take a few laps around the block post-pasta at Il Corvo and make your way to this lovely exposed brick space that pairs a beaming husband and wife duo with organic ingredients to create a total melt-in-your-mouth experience. Treat yourself to some of our personal favorites; hazelnut, sour cherry, and pistachio.

Once an alley, turned laundromat, turned sportsbar—owners Shane and Shelly have deemed Sluggers the Official Home of the Seahawks. We’ve dubbed it the home of the best tots and fries in town. Wait 30 minutes after the start of any sporting event to snag yourself a booth and a basket.

Union Station
Grab a coffee at Convoy, a new paperback at Arundel and head straight to this stunning former train station. Built in 1911, this historic space features ridiculously high-arced ceilings, intricate tilework, and Parisian-esque café furntiure. Cozy up for the afternoon in one of Seattle’s most beautiful and underutilized public spaces.

Smiling duo Cat and Chika took ownership of this boutique in 2012 and have been bringing humor, honesty, and the softest selections to retail ever since. Exclusively offering jewelry, clothing, and accessories from independent designers in the US and Canada with a strong PNW focus. Nothing but good vibes and your new jumpsuit uniform found here.

Waterfall Park
Built in 1907, this pocket park is the idyllic hidden oasis for daydreaming, reading, and people watching. Quiet and serene, dash in with a good book to escape the daily neighborhood hustle and bustle.