We have been Managing Members of JOIN Design for over 6 years and are beaming with happiness that we can add Shop Owners to our resume. We spent countless hours hand selecting, designing, building, and planning, and are SO EXCITED to announce the opening of JOIN SHOP—a new brick and mortar shop in Seattle.
We believe in this community of independent designers and makers with our WHOLE hearts and are thrilled to finally have a platform to showcase all of this awesomeness! Our shop features over 60 independent designers and makers. We are proudly connecting makers to objects and their objects to your homes. Starting August 2017 we’ll also be adding events, workshops, and classes to our calendar to further connect the hand of the maker to the beautiful objects in your home.

JOIN Shop Manifesto:
We are a community of designers, makers, and artists. We believe in creating objects with stories, getting our hands dirty, and taking pride in what we make. JOIN Shop proudly supports small studios that make their wares in the USA.

400 Fairview Ave N, Suite 102 | Seattle, WA

11:00-6:00 Tuesday-Saturday

Design/Curation: fruitsuper
Partner: JOIN Design
Branding: Civilization
Photography: Krista Welch

Featured Studios:
Alice Tacheny, Apartment on Belmont, Bremelo Press, Caravan Pacific, Cotton & Flax, Eric Trine, Etta + Billie, Fin, fruitsuper, Gabriel Stromberg, Grain, History + Industry, Ladies & Gentlemen, Matthew Philip Williams, Melanie Abrantes, Most Modest, Pigeon Toe, Pilgrim Paper, Pine & Boon, Rachel Ravitch, Scout Regalia, Son of a Sailor, Standard Wax, The Granite, Wolfum, Year Round Co, & so many more!!