A snapshot of our design process over a decade in the making.

This exhibition represents our need for unabashed creative freedom; liberated from the whims of the market and rational constraints of production. Neither objects, nor architecture, while referencing both in scale, vernacular and materiality. Asking the audience to reexamine the familiar and unfamiliar while considering site-specificity vs placelessness. As a studio practice, this serves as an exercise in embracing the discomfort of the unknown and celebrating time ‘in the desert’, the restless period between idea and fully formed solution. Striving to embrace all areas of the creative process; seeking, experimenting, failing and thriving.

This collection represents emptying reservoirs, delving into new form languages, and allowing the freedom to create without boundaries. Looking forward, these explorations inevitably become the catalyst for future ideas, continuing the creative cycle.

Solids and Voids | An Exploration of Boundaries
studio e | Seattle, WA
February 21-April 6, 2019

Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent of fruitsuper
with Gabriel Stromberg

Image credit: Christina Marie Hicks

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