The first two months of the year require extra grace. Patience with yourself, kindness to your skin, comforting meals, a slower pace and all things cozy. We’ve rounded up a dozen of our favorite ways to treat ourselves in these quiet months.

Taper Candles
We’ve tested dozens of candles and these are a shop favorite! Dripless, 100% beeswax, super long burn time.
2  Everyday Oil
Smells incredible and will nourish your poor, dry, Winter skin!
Visual Art Books
Pocket-sized for on-the-go inspiration!
Lavender Salve
Keep near your bedside table, couch, or desk for soothing and calming relief.
5  Olive Oil
Good Olive Oil is everything! Perfect for drizzling onto soups, breads, and pasta.
Hot Sauces
Add some heat to your comfort food!
7  Ghia
Our favorite N/A Aperitivo of choice!
Pasta Boards Set
Use these long nights to gather around the table to make fresh gnocchi and ravioli.
9  Bath Soaks
Is there anything more relaxing than a long, hot bath?
10  Cotton Face Squares
Soft, gentle, reusable cotton face squares.
11  Affirmation Deck
Start each day with a little grounding and centering.
12  Puzzles
Cozy up with a good movie and some relaxing, analog fun!