Last year we made the decision to make a large investment in our packaging. We switched to a local box manufacturer (only 13 miles from our studio) and had custom box dies and printing plates made. Thus far, we’ve switched the packaging for our Anywhere Vases, Bookends, and Lift Trivet. We firmly believe in supporting local businesses and couldn’t be happier that we decided to make this switch!

Visiting our manufacturers and factories always makes us a bit giddy. What can we say, we’re process nerds! Watching a skilled craftsperson practicing their trade will never get old. The manufacturer we chose exclusively uses corrugated kraft cardboard, one of the most recyclable materials (it can be recycled and reused up to 9 times!) and they even have their own corrugated manufacturing facilities. So every part of the process is done in-house and not a single scrap is wasted. All of our packaging is recyclable. Because we love that our products look great on shop shelves and are perfectly giftable-but it’s incredibly important to us that we also think about the “after.”

The different colors of foam on our custom box dies not only make beautiful patterns, but help to release both the tools and the cardboard from the machinery during the cutting process. Each and every tool is custom built (it’s a super intricate and elaborate process, entirely done by hand). Our boxes are printed first (we use a single ink color-white), then die-cut, then assembled (no adhesives used, just folding and tucking), and product is added. They stack flat until we need them, saving us shelf space. Choosing a manufacturer so close to our studio also saves us time and transportation energy. Lots of love for local!