Altar Alchemy Workshop 8/7

Altars are like a three-dimensional vision boards that can help you anchor and galvanize your intentions. They are small sacred spaces that you create that are not only beautiful and magical but can also be expressions of your personal creativity.
In this workshop, astrologer and wellness consultant Stephanie Gailing will share some principles on altar creation including what they are, how to design them, where you can place them, and more. We’ll then explore an array of altar applications including setting intentions, aligning with the astrological landscape, working with your dreams, and connecting to your ancestors.

In addition, we’ll also allocate some time to a hands-on altar-creating exercise. While you will be provided with some simple objects to use, if you’d like, you can also bring some small stones, crystals or curios as well.

Wednesday, August 7th
524 1st Ave S, Seattle
  • Includes a glass of wine or NA beverage
  • All events are 21+



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