Add a few dashes of bitters to liven up your favorite cocktails or spruce up a glass of club soda for the perfect mocktail. 

  • Celery $24
    Savory and herbal, perfect for gin drinks and Bloody Marys
  • Orange $22
    Fresh, bright, bitter and full of aroma
  • Old Fashioned $24
    Warm, comforting, and full of spices
  • Mole $20
    Chocolatey, spicy, and perfectly balanced
  • Aromatic $18
    Approachable, classic, versatile
  • Cardamom $20
    Can swing toward sweet or savory, adds depth to all drinks
  • Woodland Fir $20
    Like a hike in a glass! Pairs well with herbal gins, aquavit, and vodka


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