Gift Guide 3: Cozy Winter
Everything you need to celebrate the magic of Winter!

Winter Characters
Snowflake Ornaments
Match Striker+Holder
4 Scented Candles
5 Winter Wellness Cookbook
6 Wool Gloves
7 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Holiday Notecards Set
9 Chunky Ceramic Mug
10 Eames Playing Cards
11 Wood Penguins
12 Log Cabin Set
13 Cashmere Socks
14 Cashmere Beanie

Gift Guide 4: Take Care
Establish new, calming and relaxing rituals.

Oracle Cards
Body Wrap & Eye Pillow
3 Everyday Oil
Lavender Salve
5 Linen Exfoliating Mitt
Cone Candle
Incense Cones
Herbal Homestead Book
10 Bath Soaks
11 Aromatherapy Spray

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