We’re partnering with the oh-so-lovely Stephanie Gailing to bring you #AstroSelections; an ongoing selection of objects and wine that embody the spirit of the different zodiac signs.

“As above, so below.” In addition to being a language that allows us to gain powerful self-awareness, astrology also gives us a way to understand the Kairos, the opportunities and invitations inherent in different moments of time. This is the foundation of Astro Selections.

Scorpio #AstroSelections:
Moody Scorpio: Probiotic Vinaigrette, Black Salt, Black Cat, Eye Dish
Spooky season has arrived. Focus your intensity on all things dark and delicious. Add a little mystery to your daily life. Lean into long evenings.

Transformation Scorpio: Mushroom Tea Towel, Cone Candle, Apparition Earrings
Melt away layers, embrace new growth, see more than meets the eye. May this Scorpio season be full of renewal, reflection, and rebirth.

Libra #AstroSelections:
Decadent Libra: Nail Polish & Ceramic Dish
Indulge in your affinity for beauty. Decorate anything and everything. Your home, your table, and yourself should radiate in Libra season.

Perpetual Host Libra: Ceramic Serving Dishes and Carved Wood Coffee Scoop
With social prowess abound and a tendency towards harmony, Libra’s are our perpetual hosts. Serve your guests with gusto! Find daily balance by measuring your coffee, sugar, and spices to your heart’s content. 

Virgo #AstroSelections:
Crafty Virgo : Birdhouse Kit
Virgos are the true craftspeople of the zodiac, diligently honing their craft. This season, lean into your natural detail-oriented desires. Be methodical, build systems. But always give yourself a chance to marvel at the fruits of your labor.

Holistic Virgo : Beeswax Candle & Everyday Oil
The Virgo mind, body, and spirit cannot be separated. With a love of purity, and appreciation of thoughtfully designed products—this candle and oil combination will satisfy your holistic Virgo yearnings.

Leo #AstroSelections:
Bold Glow Leo:
Sun Chime, Faldi Earrings, Golden Glow Serum
Ruled by the sun, Leo inspires us to glow boldly. Absorb the sun’s warmth and power as it shines through our windows and onto our skin. Reflect the sunshine inside and out.

Creative Drama Leo:
Create Dangerously Book, BOSS Key Chain , Third-Eye Ceramic Pin
Leo Season inspires us to create. Release and take ownership of your creative self. Share your creations with your community proudly. Dream freely, create dangerously, and communicate loudly. And put on your show.

Cancer #AstroSelections:
Tea Light holder and Beeswax Tea Lights:
This hand blown glass tea light holder creates the warm moment of focus needed for some “me time.” Carve some space (both physical and mental) to nurture yourself. Breathe deeply, get lost in the heady beeswax scent and celebrate the quiet flickering.

Body Comfort Wrap and Lavender Mist:
Weight, warmth, and scent combine in comfort. Embrace new rituals; molt, rejuvenate, protect and defend your cozy self.