“A place I can go where I can be free
where I can be happy and just be me.
Where I can lay down my heavy load
and know that I am always welcome,

This seemed like the perfect message to write inside the walls of the first Tiny Home we built. Between April 2020 and April 2021 we raised the funds needed to complete a single Tiny Home. And over a weekend in May, alongside an amazing crew of volunteers, we built it in its entirety.

We fell in love with the LIHI Tiny House program a few years ago when we collaborated with our Cornish College students for a semester-long project.
These homes have electricity, lighting, a heater, and most importantly—provide comfort and safety. For many, this provides their first solid, peaceful night’s sleep.

Founded in 1991, LIHI has become one of the most productive affordable housing developers in the PNW. Operating 12 Tiny Home villages in the Seattle area and sheltering over 1,000 homeless individuals each year.

These homes provide shelter for homeless families, couples, and individuals and represent 13% of all shelter beds in Seattle. The average length stay is only four to five months before occupants are able to obtain permanent housing.

We believe that housing is a human right. And will be continuing our fundraising efforts (donating $2 per order) toward our Home #2.
Seattle’s Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) villages ensure that people’s experience in homelessness is safe, dignified, and as brief as possible.

*Excerpt from Dolly Parton’s Home