Meet Stephanie, Karen, and Corey of Seattle-based Ceremony. This food loving trio met while taking pottery classes together which led to the founding of their studio in 2020. Each piece is hand thrown and individually, meticulously painted and glazed by hand. They believe that the practice of combining earth and water and fire to create ceramics is both sacred and ceremonial. Their pieces are designed to celebrate and enrich daily rituals.


We visited their light-filled studio in April 2021. Get to know these three below.
SHOP their gorgeous, handcrafted ceramics here:
Chopstick Rests
Small Bowls
Bud Vases
Small Mugs
Large Mugs


Current internet rabbit-hole?
Stephanie  – Cat obstacle courses
Karen – Hate-watching Architectural Digest tours
Corey – Pottery throwing tutorials… endless!

Favorite new inspiration?
Stephanie – Tattoos by Miki Kim
Karen – Artist Subin Yang
Corey – Greem Jeong


Comfort food on repeat?
Stephanie – Dough Zone
Karen – Korean-Chinese cuisine, which is a huge part of Korean food culture. My favorite is Sahm Gook Jih in Lynnwood.
Corey – Hello Em breakfast banh mi


First place you’ll visit post-quarantine?
Stephanie – Taiwan
Karen – Mexico
Corey – Mallorca


Something you’ve learned recently?
Stephanie – I have a three hour threshold for hiking.
Karen – I love the TV show Survivor, which I had never seen before quarantine!
Corey – Woodcarving at fruitsuper!


Books or movies?
Stephanie – My brain is mush after watching TOO much tv during quarantine and it’s all the same now.
Karen – Lately, neither books nor movies, but Korean dramas
Corey – Movies/series: TINA, Veneno; Books: 100 Boyfriends by Brontez Purnell, The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions by Larry Mitchell and Ned Asta

Silly thing you’ve missed this past year?
Stephanie – Hot pot with friends
Karen – Cooking and eating with loved ones
Corey – Being annoyed because the show/club/bar is too crowded


Best part of the day?
Stephanie – Dinnertime
Karen – Bedtime
Corey – Sunset


Can’t stop making?
Stephanie – Mugs
Karen – Radish-shaped things
Corey – Jars