WOW wow WOW! We are thrilled/happy/excited to have FIVE of our products featured in the Pop-In@Nordstrom : Nordstrom Eats More!! May 25th through July 8th find our products
in NINE Nordstrom locations across North America and online at The Pop-In is stocked with specialty eats, treats and drinks, and everything you need for prep, party and clean up—it’s the grocery of your dreams. Make sure to pop-in!
Watch this adorable video (featuring our Anywhere Vases) : How To Make a Flower Arrangement AND How to Garnish That Cocktail (featuring our Cocktail Sticks).

Find these fruitsuper products: Anywhere Vases / Cocktail Sticks / Lift Coasters / Lift Trivet / Plant Sticks at these Nordstrom locations:
Austin, TX
Bellevue, WA
Chicago, IL
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Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Toronto, ON
Vancouver, BC