We’ve been collaborating with EQ Office and USBC since 2021, finding close alignment with EQ’s dedication to supporting and celebrating local creative communities. From murals to temporary wayfinding, event programming, and now a curation of a new collection of Northwest artworks, we’re thrilled to have worked alongside EQ Office to bring Cedar Hall to life. Building off the space’s natural materials, meticulous details, and dedicated craftspeople, we curated a collection—All Along—that will honor Cedar Hall and the community it serves. Installed Jun 2023.

Cedar Hall Collection:
All Along
Like any family, the artists making up our Pacific Northwest creative community are as different as we are similar. This collection weaves a diverse assemblage of the many voices that define our art scene, together creating a patchwork of rich color and texture. Each work reflects the kaleidoscopic ways our artists interpret the same natural surroundings of mountains, forests, and water and the array of cultural and individual meanings this landscape holds. Together, a vibrant family portrait emerges, one where differences are not only welcomed, but celebrated.

Curation: fruitsuper
SkB Architects
Furniture: Objekts

Artists included:
Arielle Zamora
Dan Friday Kwul Kwul Tw
Emma Jane Royer
Eunice Kim
Fox Spears
Fumi Amano
Gillian Theobald
Iván Carmona
Jay Stern
Jeffry Mitchell
Jessica Flores
Joey Veltkamp
Jovencio de la Paz
Juan Alonso-Rodríguez
Keiko Hara
Ko Kirk Yamahira
Lynn Woods Turner
Peter Millett
Sarah Norsworthy
Ceremony Studio
Stevie Shao
Tuan Nguyen
Yoonhee Choi

1420 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
*FREE and open to the public