When approached by Holland Partner Group to partner with them to design a series of art panels for a new residential building, we jumped at the chance to take on the challenge of this large scale. The goal of this project was to inspire engagement by abstractly connecting to Seattle’s rich history. The four panels center around the themes of Play + Discovery, Science + Industry, and Placemaking + Community. Chroma is located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, a vibrant, bustling, and rapidly growing area. And coincidentally next door to Join Shop!

Throughout all four panels we utilized circular elements, simple geometry, modularity, a vibrant color palette, layering, and utilized the building itself as a canvas.


Panel 1 : Topo : Abstract topographical map of South Lake Union. Placemaking created via layers and negative space; framing the South Lake Union Waterway.
Panel 2 : Gears : A nod to the industrial neighborhood history. Simplified geometric cellular shapes with implied movement and connectivity via rotating positioning.
Panel 3 : Maze : Placemaking indications via simplified geometry, layers, and negative space.
Panel 4 : Abacus : Geometric shapes arranged in a group movement; combining an abstract visual language of science and industry.

Project included site visits, public art documentation, materials research, scale models, renderings, sourcing, specifications, and fabrication liaison.

1212 Harrison St | Seattle, WA
Partners: fruitsuperHolland Partner Group
Fabrication/Installation: Architectural Elements