Why Oaxaca? Our travel destinations tend to center around culture, food, cocktails, and craft.

We went for the mezcal and mole, and fell in love with the vibrancy of colors, variety in textures, the somehow not overwhelming use of patterns, and the incredibly humble sense of pride and locale.

This was our second V I A trip (full list of “rules” below, and link to our first trip). Our focus while in Oaxaca was to reflect and unplug, be present, get lost, ask questions, and observe.

With our paper map in hand, we meandered stone streets, saw unparalleled color combinations, ancient ruins, sketched, ate, drank, and observed. One of our biggest reflections was the connection to the simplest ingredients and materials being presented in the most stunning formats. Combinations of straightforward ingredients prepared in fresh, new ways and local materials in perfect proportions, weights, and sizes. The tabletop vessels, architectural details, hand painted signage, countless museums, ingenuity in material reuse, local food markets and rich, rich craft culture will stay in our creative memories forever.

A series of (annual/semi-annual) trips/journeys/adventures; small, large, quick, long, near, far, old, and new
For the purpose of information gathering, inspiration seeking, and reservoir filling

RULES (during trip):
LOCAL: ask locals, use local ingredients, local cultural immersion
PACE: walk, wander, meander, get lost
DOCUMENT: sketch, paint, photograph
GATHER: materials, ingredients, moods, methods
SENSE: eat, smell, taste, touch, gather, sample, listen
UNPLUG: no social media, no posting, no prior searching
(UN)PLAN: be spontaneous, allow for opportunities
ABSORB: study, seek, inquire, ask, immersive

RULES (post trip):
PROCESS: digest, translate
DOCUMENT: make necessary time to compile gathered information