A recent trip to Santa Fe was the first of many trips (V I A) with self-imposed “rules.” These trips are designed to remind us that we need more time that is reflective and unplugged, open to spontaneity and discovery, and focused on in-the-moment immersion. Ideally we hope to continue this tradition at least once per year. Not only to creatively refuel, but also to encourage much needed mind wandering. Our first V I A trip was not only relaxing, but we fell in love with the quiet pace of the Santa Fe desert. Enthralled with the encouragement to meander, the overpowering smell of sage and the fusion of multiple ancient cultures. We learned the difference between chili and chile, explored the soft rounded architecture, and spent time on orange soil under the bluest skies.

Trip rules listed below. We strongly encourage giving it a try!
A series of (annual/semi-annual) trips/journeys/adventures; small, large, quick, long, near, far, old, and new
For the purpose of information gathering, inspiration seeking, and reservoir filling

RULES (during trip):
LOCAL: ask locals, use local ingredients, local cultural immersion
PACE: walk, wander, meander, get lost
DOCUMENT: sketch, paint, photograph
GATHER: materials, ingredients, moods, methods
SENSE: eat, smell, taste, touch, gather, sample, listen
UNPLUG: no social media, no posting, no prior searching
(UN)PLAN: be spontaneous, allow for opportunities
ABSORB: study, seek, inquire, ask, immersive

RULES (post trip):
PROCESS: digest, translate
DOCUMENT: make necessary time to compile gathered information