In 2013 (just two short years after we launched our first product) we had the amazing opportunity to write a short article for ARCADE Magazine* on a subject that was and still is very near and dear to usmaking products in America. This has been one of our core values since we founded our studio in 2008 and launched our first product in 2011.

As you’ll read, we initially found this task to be a bit daunting, fairly challenging, and at times even frustrating. Since this article was written, we’ve learned a lot about the process of making and continue to be in awe.  We’ve worked hard to establish amazing relationships with our manufacturers, we’ve met and watched the incredibly skilled workers that handcraft our products, we’ve learned about new materials, new methods and efficiency. But most importantly we continue to have a feeling of pride in creating jobs where we live, supporting the local and national economy, and the ability to work with amazing craftspeople who inspire us.

Full article (originally published in Issue 31.2, March 2013) can be read here.

*Founded in 1981, ARCADE is a Pacific Northwest-focused publication dedicated to sharing ideas about design, culture, and the built environment.