March 2020-March 2021
What started as a quick and temporary solution turned into a project that has brought us immense joy during this past year. It’s been our way of giving back to our incredible community by sharing and showcasing artists we love. It’s given us an outlet at times when we didn’t feel in touch with our creative selves and has provided an opportunity for experimentation and playfulness. And most importantly, these murals have helped us stay connected to all of you.
We collaged, we schemed, we laughed, cried, painted, repainted, got vibrant and messy. And we’re so grateful. Your ongoing support and encouragement has fueled and inspired us.
Mural 1
Artists: Dawna Holloway, Sallyann Corn
Mural 2
Artists: Alexa VillanuevaHannah Chebeleu, Joe Kent, Nina Burgess, Sallyann Corn, Valerie Ross
Mural 3
Artist: Jonathan Teng
Mural 4
Artists: Alexa VillanuevaHannah Chebeleu, Joe Kent, Mati Bervejillo, Nina Burgess, Sallyann Corn, Valerie Ross
Mural 5
Artist: Hunter Buck
Mural 6
Mural 7
Artist: Tiffany Ju