Gift Guides

This year, we’re all approaching gift giving differently. We’re seeking special treasures to send our loved ones; gifts to surprise, delight, and comfort. We’ve put together 9 super special Gift Guides that highlight some of the hand-selected items we know you’ll love gifting and receiving.

4 : Kiddos
Activities to celebrate curiosity and play for the young and young at heart!
1. Triangle Crayons
2. Birdhouse Kit
3. Bravery Mag
4. Sunprint Kit
5. Kings Game
6. Game Night Kit
7. A Kids Book About
8. Balsa Turbo Flyer
9. Mini Blocks Set

5 : Creatives
We’ve selected objects to fuel inspiration, encourage experimentation, and complement creative energy.
1. Gabriel Stromberg Prints
2. Ceramic Pin
3. Pencil Cup
4. Desk Brush
5. Creative Reading Kit
6. Eye Dish
7. Canvas Pencil Case
8. Paint Palette
9. Cloth Notebook
10. Bookends

6 : Home Chefs
For those who love to cook, love to eat, and relish in the ceremony of preparing and presenting a meal.
1. Tool Crock
2. Marble Spoon Rest
3. Ceramic Salt Bowl
4. Beans+Lentils
5. Culinary Tote
6. PNW Local Foods Wheel
7. Wood Chopsticks
8. Beeswax Food Wraps
9. Spice It Up Kit
10. Pasta Board