Gift Guides

This year, we’re all approaching gift giving differently. We’re seeking special treasures to send our loved ones; gifts to surprise, delight, and comfort. We’ve put together 9 super special Gift Guides that highlight some of the hand-selected items we know you’ll love gifting and receiving.

1 : Winter Warmth
We’ll celebrate new rituals this holiday season with beautiful, handcrafted décor, cozy comfort, and exclusive treasures.
1. Soft and warm beanies
2. Handpainted Holiday notecards
3. Cashmere Socks
4. Winter Characters
5. Handcrafted Ornaments
6. Giant Pom Poms
7. Snowflake Ornaments

2 : Cozy Home
Our homes are working extra hard for us; they’re now our offices, schools, and sacred spaces. These lovely items will make your space even cozier this Winter.
1. Handcrafted glass Bud Vases
2. Cactus Hook
3. Leather Bookmark
4. Cotton Blanket
5. Lift Trivet
6. Porcelain Creamer
7. Beeswax Candles
8. Desk Clock
9. Art Prints

3 : Self Care
From scent to softness, we’ve found ways to thoughtfully add time and space for reflection, calm, and much deserved self care to your routine.
1. Home Manicure Kit
2. Incense Holder
3. Notebooks and Journals
4. Herbal Tea
5. Everyday Oil
6. Match Holder+Striker
7. ALL of the Bath Salts
8. Lavender everything