These are the gifts we’re giving and coveting!

Eames Playing Cards : I LOVE card games, and these are really fun and beautiful to play with!
Beeswax Taper Candles : These Beeswax Candles burn FOREVER, smell amazing, fit almost any candle holder, and last at least 4 dinner parties!
Small Speckle Mug : This Mug is absolutely classic. I use it every single day.
Tissue Box Cover : I’m OBSESSED this this Tissue Box! Something normally mundane is now colorful AND fun!
Odes Book : This is the perfect gift for any creative in your life. It’s descriptive, inspiring and so charming.
Leather Bookmark : I love how this Bookmark pops the book back open to right where you left off! And leather adds just the right amount of luxury to this simple object.
Cashmere Socks : These are clouds for your feet!

Chili Crisp : After trying dozens, this one has become a favorite. It has a great nutty flavor, I put it on EVERYTHING!
Pasta Boards : Pasta making was a favorite COVID activity. The variety of pasta shapes and recipes you can make from this set is endless.
Butter Dish : Having perfectly softened butter is a gift in and of itself. Give your butter the dish it deserves!
Oil/Vinegar : These are pantry staples and are perfect for adding vibrancy to soups, salads, and dishes all year long.
MoleĀ Bitters : These make for a perfect Oaxaca Old Fashioned. They’re also fun to add to coffee or cocoa.
Everyday Oil : I use this daily. Excellent beard oil, and perfect for dry, Winter skin.
My Pantry : Love the idea of building your dream pantry, this book makes it simple and approachable.
Spoon Carving Kit : This kit got me started and quickly made me fall in love with wood carving.