We’re so excited to begin YEAR FOUR ! ! !
1 SWEAT : so much love, sweat, and spackle went into designing and building this space
2 LOVE : we’ve wrapped & shipped hundreds of care packages to your loved ones
3 ART : these walls have been adorned with so much beauty
4 LAUGH : you fill our events with endless joy
5 MURALS : adding brightness to dark days
6 COMMUNITY : together we’ve built tiny houses and raised funds for so many incredible organizations
7 SHELVES : we’ve grown to carry the wares of over 140 amazing makers
8 POP UPS : from ceramics, to cakes, jewelry, and everything in between
9 WORKSHOPS : from collaging to creative flow, we’ve learned so much together
10 CONNECTED : even while apart, we shared meals, watched movies, and danced it out
HUGS and thanks for your ongoing smilesĀ + support