Curating design shows is a shameless excuse to work with designers who inspire us. Working with the amazing Poketo team to curate a West Coast Design show was the perfect way to create a lineup of so many designers we admire.

West Coast Design is characterized by an optimism and boundless energy. The work from this group of designers manages to be diverse while inexplicably communicating common themes of expressive color, simple geometry, honesty to materials, and playful utility.

This showcase of like-minded designers and studios, came together as a celebration of the values that have always, and will continue to embody West Coast Design. This event was held in the Poketo flagship store April-May 2016.

Participating designers:
Eric Trine, Faris, fruitsuper, Gabriel Stromberg, Iacoli & McAllister, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Matthew Philip Williams, Melanie Abrantes, Pigeon Toe