We’re pretty sure that the factory visits on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood are probably to blame for our early love of manufacturing. As our product line grows, our passion for how and where things are made continues to grow as well. Visiting one of our newest manufacturer, located in Spokane, WA was just as exhilarating as ever. Founded in 1922, it is the largest independently owned foundry west of the Mississippi. The “squeeze molds” for our Candle Holders and Match Strikers are carefully packed and poured by skilled workers that ensure high quality parts are demolded each and every time. The majority of the aluminum they cast into ingots is recycled from other manufacturing processes.

Our Match Strikers and Candle Holders are both cast in solid aluminum, with visible texture and parting lines. This is both an homage to this timeless manufacturing process as well as a functional utilization of the naturally rough texture that occurs during the sand casting process.

Located within 10 miles of our foundry, our Match Strikers are mounted onto “pinch” racks and our Candle Holders onto “spider” racks to ensure even distribution during the anodizing process. These highly experienced finishers worked tirelessly with us through the testing, sampling, and prototyping process to dial-in the perfect formula for our matte black finish that both enhances and protects the natural sandcast texture.

Our Light Up Candle Holders and Strike Up Match Holder+Striker are proudly designed, cast, and anodized in Washington State.